March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday – Candy Land

I absolutely loved the game Candy Land when I was a kid. It was probably one of the first board games I ever played. I was really quite good at it too, though thinking back I think my Mom probably let me win 90% of the time.

I learned quite a bit about this game while writing this blog entry. I hope you all enjoy reading about it and perhaps remembering the game from when you were a kid too.

History of Candy Land

Once upon a time… in San Diego, California, a woman named Eleanor Abbott created a game. Recovering from polio herself, Mrs. Abbott decided to create an activity that would entertain children who were also affected with the disease. So she submitted her board game to MILTON BRADLEY, who enthusiastically accepted it, and in 1949 a new game called CANDY LAND was introduced.

The first CANDY LAND games were sold for only $1.00. The advertising said it fulfilled “the sweet tooth yearning of the younger set without the tummy ache aftereffects.”

“A sweet little game … for sweet little folks,” as its packaging proudly stated for almost 30 years, would soon become an enduring part of our collective childhood. The theme and its simple color matching play were a perfect fit for all-family play.

At the time, few could have comprehended just what an impact the game would have, both on the Springfield, Massachusetts game manufacturer and on generations of children. To date, its distinctive red-and-white peppermint name has been printed on well over 40 million games.

In a world filled with advanced technology and fads that are quick to fade, the sweet simplicity of this classic game keeps it continually popular, even after more than half a century.

My Questions For You:
1. What were your favorite board games as a kid?
2. Did you play Candy Land?
3. Did you like Candy Land?
4. If you have kids, or when you do, do you plan on getting them this game?


Lee said...

Oh my god, I loved Candyland!
I loved that blue princess lately!

insomniaclolita said...

Teach me how to play it, I've never played it before.
Sound sad, yes?:P

Wendyburd1 said...

I really am not sure I remember if I played that, I DO remember Shutes and Ladders, but if I have kids, I'd totally play the game with them.

Anonymous said...

We had Candyland but I was the youngest so no one would play. I played by myself... against myself... sad, huh?

I loved Connect4, Battleship, Monopoly, and scrabble when I was a kid.

Jenny Beans said...

My favorite board game as a kid was chutes and ladders (snakes and ladders if you're in the UK.) I think it was only my favorite game because I didn't actually own it, my neighbor did. I also liked Operation. I loved Candy Land, though. My daughter had it, and I bought it for my four year old niece this last holiday season. We've even played it online a couple times. Fun stuff. Though I always wanted to eat the board and cards when I was a kid.

BIBI said...

I loved playing Candy Land. Unfortunately, when I began to play it with my little brother and sisters, I was suffering from acne. So they used to call me Grandma Nut all the time.
It was all in fun. I now have the clearest skin out of all of them! LOL!

I also played Monopoly, Sorry, and Trouble. I think almost every household had Monopoly. That game is so old, but I still like to play it.

I once bought Candy Land for my kids when they were younger, but they soon grew tired of it. They like Monopoly and Life better!

Can't blame them though, I love those games as well!

Nickie. said...

I loooved Candyland!!! =) I also played Monopoly, Trouble, Chutes and Ladders, Life, Pretty Pretty Princess. Ahh. Love board games. =)

Amber said...

My fav board game as a kid was The Game of Life. I always wanted my own copy, but never got one.
I didn't play Candyland until we got it for my oldest son about 2 years ago.
I don't mind it, but find it can be a bit lengthy at times.
I do recall ppl talking about it now & then, or making references to it, and I never understood them because I had never played it. I don't really see what the big deal was, but if you can compare it to monopoly, then I'd be a freak to live without it for so long, LOL