March 5, 2009

My Inner Fashionista

I found this quiz/tag thing from Andhari and it looked fun. I was craving some fashion-related blog post soon anyways. Thanks Andhari!

Here is a look into my main closet. I’ve numbered areas to explain them more…

1. Inside my closet. I used to arrange it by type and color. I gave up on that though because it is small. I have another closet this same size to the left of this one on the other side of the window. It is weird. The clear plastic drawers hold clothing too. I have purses I don’t use often on each side of the drawers.

2. My shoe rack. Here are my favorite shoes except sneakers. I usually end up wearing my white Nikes with the pink check lately though.

3. Bookshelf. It displays my B.S. Criminal Justice on the top shelf. Next shelf is my perfumes. The rest are books. It is filled.

4. This is my ottoman that is next to my bed. It has my jeans on it right now and my blue workout mat.

5. Louis Vuitton purse. Well, it might be. Long story to this purse. I’m not sure if it is real or fake. Most likely fake in all honesty but if so it is a good knock-off!

6. Breaking Dawn. My Harry Potter train case boxed set is on the floor (too big for bookcase) and then my Twilight Saga boxed set couldn’t fit in my bookcase, so that is how it got in the picture.

7. Bookcase. It is in front of a window and is in between my 2 closets. It has my stereo on the top shelf (not pictured). The rest of the shelves are filled with books.

Name the item of clothing that has been with you the longest:
I have a few shirts from High School still, I think. Since I moved back in with the parents I have 2 awkward closets and a few big plastic containers filled with clothes. I also had my suitcase that was in storage with some clothing stolen (along with about $2k worth of other items).

Other than jeans, what’s an article of clothing that you can’t live without?
I’d totally say my jeans! I don’t like my legs and I’m rather pale so I usually wear pants. Besides jeans, I’d say I can’t live without my blue Coach purse. I’ve had it for like 3 or 4 years and it still looks great! I love it. I have like 30 purses, but I use this one 90% of the time. I also can’t live without my sunglasses. I have sensitive eyes so if I am outside, I have them on. Here are pics of the purse and my favorite sunglasses from Vera Wang and YSL.

What was the last item of clothing you bought?
I bought some fun tees from Target recently. I bought some of the $5 ones for St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day. I also got a nice black ¾ sleeve top and a black tank top with braided straps on clearance for only $2.something. Not bad at all! Actually, I think they were all black except one that was a bright green. Black is slimming, what can I say?

Describe your perfect winter & summer footwear:
Winter : I love boots. I love my Isaac Mizrahi ones that lace up the side and have a pointy toe but they aren’t so comfortable to wear for extended periods. Besides boots, I like heels or flats that are interesting in some way.
Summer : Sandals, heels, flats, flip-flops (hey I’m from Florida where that is a staple of clothing if you grew up by the beach!), wedges, basically anything that is fun and summery.

And what’s a brand you wouldn’t recommend?
I used to shop at Forever 21 when I lived in Orlando (and was in college). Most of the items I bought from there though didn’t last for very long at all (some things are a one-wear-quality). For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend them. They do have some cute items of course, but my experience with it is not good.

What’s the ugliest trend of all time?
I can't pick just one! Acid washed jeans, double denim, really ripped denim, MC Hammer pants, trucker hats, showing your thong on purpose, the hood thong (okay it wasn't a big trend but it was funny!), nut hugger jeans on men, Crocs, etc. I really dislike many things.

And the best?
Well fitting jeans that flatter your body.

What was your biggest fashion faux-pas?
I dressed like a “skater” or “punk” for a year or so. I dyed my hair in purple streaks too once. This was like 10 years ago when it wasn’t a normal thing to see. I got over the whole thing quickly thankfully.

What colors predominate in your wardrobe?
A little bit of everything but mostly black, pink, blue, and purple.

What are your vintage shopping strategies?
I don’t shop vintage, but I would if there were designer vintage stores near me.

What’s the most insane piece of clothing that you have ever owned?
In High School I wore these bright pink pants I wore probably once a week. I loved it. I wore it with my “Rocker Girl” shirt or some other cool black top. I also had red leopard pants that felt awesome in college they laced up on the bottom part.

If you could describe the majority of the clothes you own in one word, what would it be?
Polished. Black. Most of my clothing is black when it comes to tops (it is slimming!).

If you thought this was fun too, go ahead and take the quiz too! I added the closet view and descriptions so that is not something you have to do too. I just thought it would be fun to add. :)


insomniaclolita said...


You dont like Forever 21
you like Isaac Mizrahi
You like LV, Coach and Vera Wang
You don't shop vintage.


Love your closet!!

Nickie. said...

Thank you soo much for the comments. =) They made me laugh and smile. Like I told my friend in PA whos bascially in the same's their loss =) I'm better off anyway then to have to deal with someone who bascially lied to me thruout our entire relationship.

Lee said...

I couldn't live without my sunglasses.
Seriously, I can't leave the house without them. Maegan said...

great post! I love your shoe rack ...My closet is in need of a major clean out!

Anonymous said...

Sheri, I loved this post! It was so interesting!

Wendyburd1 said...

You have TWO closets?!! I am so jealous!! I have things ALL over the place!

I love Target for tees, of course I get the guys graphic tees. The girls ones are tiny and could not fit over ONE of my chest's!!