March 5, 2009

Survivor: Tocantins

Survivor is back! This time they are in Tocantins (however you say that one). It is in Brazil. Can you believe it is the 18th season of Survivor? I remember when the first one was aired back in its truest form (or so I think anyways).

A few episodes have aired already, but you haven’t missed too much really. You can catch up online now even and watch the previous episodes for free on their website. It airs on Thursdays on CBS at 8pm ET.

I don’t have any favorites quite yet. It is too soon to tell really who I like or not. Do you guys have any favorites if you are watching it?

I’m also not too sure about the cross-tribe-alliance that is going on. It could be genius or it could go terribly wrong. Either way, Exile Island isn’t looking too bad anymore.

Is it just me or do these people already look sickly thin? They need to cast more people with some meat on their bones in my opinion.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to the episode tonight. Anyone else watching Survivor Tocantins?


Robyn said...

Wow you are right...all of them are WAY too skinny. WTF!

I can't believe it's season 18, I'm gettin so old I swear. I hate it!

Jenni said...

I don't typically watch it but my hand has been forced this time. My mom needed one more person for the "survivor pool" and put me in. Oh, she paid for me, too, but, in true mommy fashion, will give me the winnings if I win. So, I guess I have to watch to see how my person is doing (Taj is who I got)

insomniaclolita said...

Whoa thats a lot of seasons. I'll wait for your review if its any good before I watch :P

Unbreakable said...

yeah those ppl look really skinny, i haven't seen it as yet.

Anonymous said...

I actually really like this show. But I am unable to watch it due to Bible study. I miss it!

Wendyburd1 said...

Me ME I am hooked on Survivor ever since Pearl Islands!! They ARE all skinny, you are supposed to look that way at like day 30 not day 3!! Exile Island is way easier, though last year had that whole hut and hammock with fruit, but it is still less scary again. Here is rice and fire, have fun! I can't believe that T chick hasn't mentioned oh yeah my hubby IS that football guy and I was in En Vogue...yeah she SO needs the money!! And the guy they get to represent my religion? He is the I love to be nude guy...greatttt!LOL!

I am so psyched to watch tonights, I taped it so I am getting ready to watch it as soon as I finish blogging!! I can't believe they STILL talk about kicking Sierra off when she IS a strong competitor and they NEED her!Sorry I can go on and on about Survivor!! LOL!

Sheri said...

T let it slip who her husband is to her tribe. Opps! That is why they were all "she doesn't need the money" and all a few episodes ago. They must not be focusing on it much anymore though, at least the edited version we see. I don't think they know she was in a girl group though.

Agata Barszcz said...

I love survivor :)