March 16, 2010

Cool Weather Welcomes Outdoor Heaters

Most of the country is still having cold fronts and chilly weather with just touches of spring showing through. Even though it isn’t quite warm enough out for us to spend much time on the porch or patio as it is, there are ways that make it more enjoyable in colder weather.

As I’ve mentioned before, we have an outdoor fireplace which is great for heating up the area while still enjoying the outdoors when it is cold out (or even when it is warm). Outdoor heaters are another great option for the same effect if you don’t want to have an actual fire.

There are two main types of outdoor heaters: gas and electric. Both of these options have great designs and can help warm up your cozy outdoor spaces when the weather is otherwise too chilly.

Gas heaters are a cost effective way to keep the patio warm. Many gas heaters don’t require electrical connection and can warm a large area.

I would love to have a couple of these hanging on our patio deck. It would really warm up the area and make it cozy year round.

I don’t like messing with gas though (unless it is going into my car), so I prefer the electric heater. Most of these can be used with standard outlets and don’t have any gas odors since it is fully electric. The only worry I’d have with these though is how much it would raise the electricity bill.

I would love to see solar powered outdoor heaters that could save the energy from the sun during the day and warm up the area at night – that would be amazing and very eco-friendly!

Which would you prefer, the outdoor fireplace or an outdoor heater? I think I prefer the fireplace because I like fire – but the heater is a good option too.

* This is a sponsored post by OUTDORA.


Wendyburd1 said...

*gasp* An outdoor fireplace sounds AMAZING!! It was such a nice day today but the wind made it a tad chilly tonight, but it would have been awesome to sit outside with a fire!! Oh what a nice mental image!!

learnxtoxfly said...

I would prefer the fireplace for sure. =) Makes it much cozier imo!