March 27, 2010

Planting with Greenhouses

A few years ago, if you remember, I started planting flowers and tomato plants from seeds. Some of them did really well, and well some didn’t. I used empty egg cartons and other random things and planted the seeds, kept the watered and placed them in the windowsill in rooms with good light around the house.

This year though, I bought a little mobile garden greenhouse that you can start indoors. We even bought grow lights for them.

The seeds we bought are heritage seeds and some old flower seeds as well. Most of them though are vegetables we’re trying to grow and a couple flowers too.

Vegetables: tomato, broccoli, peppers, lettuce, celery, onion, cucumber, okra and basil (not a veggie but w/e)

Flowers: sweet williams, zinnias, sweet peas, and daisies

What I really want one day is to have a big hobby greenhouse that I can setup outside to use year round. I think they are just great and perfect for places where you can’t otherwise have flowers or grow vegetables or fruit year round. Ah.. one day.

For now though, I’m trying to make do with what I’ve got. I think the setup we have now is a good start for the garden we’re trying to get setup for this year. If all goes well, we will have many homegrown vegetables and probably save money on some groceries too. Always a bonus!

The greenhouse accessories that will really be helpful with this though is the grow light and the use of my old aquarium. Without that we wouldn’t really be able to start as many indoors as we are now (too many other stationary plants are in front of windows right now that get the best sun).

I’ll post more once more activity is happening in the garden – but as a sneak peak, I did 12+ hours of yard work last week trying to get the yard back in shape! Talk about being sore for days afterward though… ugh I still feel it.

* This is a sponsored post by OUTDORA.


Carina the Blogarina said...

How exciting! Earth Hour I couldn't care less about, I don't think shutting of the light for an hour will aid in solving the problems for the future. To create awareness and a sense of responsibility I guess it's OK. Hope you have a great Saturday!

The Boob Nazi said...

oooo I really want a garden with herbs and whatever someday.

Ashlee said...

I want to start a garden too!

Ashlee said...

I want to start a garden too!

Brenda Susan said...

Hey Cutie, thanks for the sweet comments. I want to let you know that I have tagged you in my post today!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Girl I am so jealous of you! I really need to set up a green house in my apartment. But I will be going home for a little bit and honestly the boy cannot be trusted to actually water stuff. I am hoping my mum has her indoor greenhouse set up when I go home though! So much fun!

As for lavender in food... you can get lavender salts and just add that to chicken for a little extra flavor. "Beyond the Shaker" has a French Herb Blend that contains lavender and it's fantastic! You can order it online. Or McCormick makes a french seasoning which contains lavender and it taste great on pork, chicken or pretty much anything. I made my own croutons all the time with the "Beyond the Shaker's" French Herb Blend and they're always a huge hit!