March 22, 2010

Medical Tourist

With all of the recent talk about the national healthcare reform here in America, and the bill passing last night, it is without a question a hot topic.

I don’t think that the nation should enforce people having healthcare unless they can supply it for people who cannot afford it. Taxing people extra money they don’t have if they can’t afford the insurance is just ridiculous and really presses our “freedom” and “rights.” It will be interesting to see how it all plays out in the coming weeks, months and years.

Don’t get me wrong though, I think that we should all have healthcare (which should also include oral care and all sub-cares people need). I just don’t think that we should be forced to purchase sub-par healthcare. If they want everyone to be equal and have the same healthcare, then everyone up to the Senators, Governors and even the President should have the same type of service, right? Anyways…

Have you thought about being a medical tourist? It might be something people go for more often in this country if the healthcare quality is lowered in America. Some already leave our country for medical, dental and surgical needs due to money or higher care in other countries.

Sure, we’ve all heard and seen horror stories about bad breast augmentation, nose jobs, liposuctions, etc done in other countries. We don’t see all the good ones though. Those same surgeries have horror stories from some surgeons here in America too.

I wouldn’t personally ever get an elective (or needed) surgery performed from a doctor that I didn’t research fully, meet with well beforehand and feel comfortable with. However, I do see how medical tourism could be a very alluring idea for some people, myself included depending on circumstances. I wouldn’t set it up either to pretend to be a vacation, it isn’t. Unless maybe dental care… the rest would be too painful to enjoy any of the special and fun things the resort or wherever offered, don’t you think?

So, my questions for you:
• What do you think of this healthcare reform that passed last night?
• What do you think of medical tourism?
• Would you ever opt to go out of the country for a procedure (either due to cost or higher quality care elsewhere)?


Jenni said...

I am for health care reform...I am NOT for the bill that passed last night. I do think that everyone who needs and WANTS health care should be allowed to have it...I do NOT think anyone should be forced to have it NOR should they be forced to pay for someone else's health care...

I do like your post about it!

Jillene said...

I try to stay politically null and void as far as blogging and Facebook are concerned.

Diya said...

I think the health care needs to be reformed but I think we should have started over.

ps. check out my blog:

Couture Carrie said...

Medical tourism intrigues me...

The bill passed last night is scarily all-encompassing!


Wendyburd1 said...

I am really upset for my two younger sisters. I am covered by my Dad's insurance still for my various disorders, luckily. But my sisters do NOT have the money to get insurance right now but are going to HAVE to?! How ridiculous! My sister Sam wants Obama impeached. Hey I will go with that, this is supposed to BE America, freedoms and all, not forced stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am not happy with this bill at all! My Dad is one of those that will be forced into something he doesn't want. Considering he fought in a war I feel he doesn't deserve to be treated this way. He never wanted his VA benefits, however, I am trying to talk him into getting them to keep from being fined. He is 5 years from drawing Social Security.

joy agustin said...

Hey, this is a very timely topic, especially that most people, not only in America are so concerned with medical benefits.

I must say that people should be open to the idea of Medical Tourism.

Nowadays, other countries are advancing in their technological researches. Why not be confident when a doctor has proven himself or herself to be competitive enough to do your surgery?