March 20, 2010

Trucks: More of a Southern Thing?

I’m really not a “truck” person myself. My brothers all are. They grew up in Alabama though, while I grew up in Florida. Maybe that is why? Sure, I mean some of the guys I knew in FL had trucks, but most had sports cars and SUVs. I have a sports car. You’re more likely to see women driving sports cars here than men. Men like the big expensive trucks.

This brought me to wonder if it is more of a Southern thing for guys to want trucks more, or maybe more of a “country” thing? What do people drive more of where you live?

If I had a truck though, I would make it cool. There are so many kinds of truck acessories that make them look better than trucks just used for say mudding – and no, I’ve never done that. A billet grille like the putco billet grilles are a must on any good looking truck, don’t you think? There was even a song written about “grills.”

You can put grills on SUVs and cars too, but they really look best on trucks I think. If I had a Jeep though, I'd get the Rampage Jeep Wrangler 3D Mesh Grille, it looks really nice.

What kind of vehicle do you have? Which kind do you really want if you don’t have it already? Which accessories on said vehicle would you want to get, or already have?

* Disclosure: This is a paid post from Real Truck. All opinions expressed are honest and my own personal opinions.


Lucy said...

I'm not into trucks, I like sporty cars! I drive a convertible BMW but my husband he likes SUV's and he drives a Chevy Tahoe, so maybe you are onto something about women vs. men? I live in the MidWest and we do have a lot of SUV's probably more than actual trucks! But, I live in the suburbs, I am sure in our country towns you will find plenty of Trucks!!

Anonymous said...

I have an old V8 suv that I like.


Anonymous said...

I am not really a truck person. Around here it seems SUVs are more popluar. I love SUVs. I drive an Infiniti FX35. My husband is into sports cars so he has Infiniti's G37 coupe. We don't really add anything them. We like them just the way that they are.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really into trucks, but sometimes I like to look at them.

And ya know, I have the 08 VW Rabbit. =)