March 31, 2010

Hammocks and The Bahamas

My first cruise vacation was when I was around 10 years old. Two of my Aunts worked for a cruise line called The Big Red Boat (it is no longer in business). Since we lived by Cape Canaveral, it wasn’t much of an expense to go with their discount (I really do miss that).

The cruise was fun, from what I can remember.

We went in to Nassau, which then was really much more chaotic. The ladies that practically attack you after you step off the boat to braid you hair (oh how they wanted to braid mine because it was really long then too), the Straw Market was much more unorganized (the people were still very friendly though), oh and the taxis drove like getaway cars (not sure if they still do). Needless to say, kids under a certain age (and teenagers) were never to step off the boat without adults at this port.

My favorite stop was Key Island I think it was called. It was the cruise’s island (I think) so we could wander around it pretty much okay. One of the biggest memories of it though were all the hammocks tied up against palm trees. I’d never been on one before, so I just had to try it out – and I loved it! The ocean breeze, white sand, palm trees and a fresh white rope hammock. Ah, if only I had been 11 years older I could’ve had a nice umbrella drink to go with that. I’ll try that the next time I go on a cruise, whenever that is.

I played in the water too since it was crystal clear and I saw no sharks or weird fish that would sting or bite me. I probably got a pretty bad sunburn from the trip, but I don’t remember that if I did.

My Mom and Aunts loved the hammock chairs too. They read their books and magazines in there while watching us play in the water and build white sandcastles. My cousin and I would sit in them too, but kids can only stay still for so long in a place like that ya know?

I’ve never actually had a hammock to myself though at home. I’m not sure why, since I really do enjoy them. It is something I will definitely look into purchasing though this summer. I'm not sure where I'd hang it or if I should just get one with a stand though. Outdoor hammocks have really come a long way in style and comfort, so it will surely be hard to pick one – but I’m up for the task!

Do you have any favorite memories from a cruise or vacation? Love hammocks too? I’d love to hear about it!

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Kristina P. said...

I have never been on a cruise. I would love, love, love to go!

Karisa Tells All said...

I'm so jealous--I've never been on a cruise either! I'm pretty inexperienced when it comes to vacations, but I did recently go to Seattle (pics on my blog!).

Andhari said...

That sounds sooo heavenly! I would like to go on a cruise, maybe someday. I'd like to just see the breathtaking view of the ocean and make a stop by at beautiful islands with pristine beaches

Wendyburd1 said...

Jealousy here! LOL! I LOVE hammocks too, though I have never sat in a chair one. We never get hammocks that are a REAL hammock like my Aunt has, between 2 trees and is HEAVEN to lie in!!

Anonymous said...

I love love hammocks! There were a few at the Grand Floridian Resort at Disney when I was down there and I so wanted to sit in one.

But we were just visiting the resort. =(

I also have never been on a cruise. I would love to go though!

Unbreakable said...

I have taken a cruise to the Bahamas Last years and i was a very beautiful experience, We spent a day at the Atlantis. which was also very!!! beautiful.

I will be going on another cruise next month going to Panama,Mexico,Costa Rica and Belize i will share pictures like i always do when i come back.

You should definitely go on one, one of these days.

Lucy said...

You are killing me showing me all this stuff from Outdora, my husband will kill me if I start spending a bunch of money(lol).

Hey, I hope you did great on that exam, and put LSD and just was worrying because you were overtired.

TechnoBabe said...

On my first cruise my then husband and I danced and danced and got up early and did everything there was to do.

Brenda Susan said...

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Brittney said...

Are you from bama too?

Oh my FIL has a hammock in his back yard, its nice to lay out when the air is breezy & pretty.. ive never been on a cruise before--- the only vacay ive been on is to PCB! lol!!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to go on a cruise yet! It's something we want to do in the future.

Fashion Meets Food said...

I have never been on a cruise before! I would love to go on one!