March 6, 2010

Stem Cells

I did a report on stem cell research when I was in high school, so almost 10 years ago (wow it is scary writing that). It was one of my first really big research papers.

Stem cells were hugely controversial then, and still are really. My teacher even said I should maybe go another route with the paper, but I didn’t – I like a challenge.

The embryonic stem usage I don’t agree with, but the adult stem cells used to treat yourself, I don’t see any harm in that. I’ve always supported it because I can see the huge medical advances we can make with it to help people.

I understand the religious and political reasons for those who do not support this. I just don’t quite get why they don’t want this to be researched. If you don’t support it, instead of just maybe un-following me or calling me an awful person, please let me know why you think what you do about stem cells.

Since I wrote that research paper, much more has been discovered on stem cell research. There is even a Stem Cell Bank! New information about stem cell research is being found everyday, and it really does amaze me. The possibility to cure some diseases and repair organs is quite amazing.

If you want to learn more about stem cells, check out this You Tube video:

How do you feel about stem cell research? Are you really for or against this topic? What does your religion say about stem cells? Do you know anyone who has used stem cells in any way? Would you want to go this route if possible if you needed an organ or something to be healed?

I won’t be mad or angry with any comments or feedback left on this one, and if you want to be anonymous, go ahead. I just want to know what you guys all think about this controversial topic.


Jenni said...

Hey, you got me to de-lurk on this one. I'm not against stem cell research on ADULT stem cells, like you said, it's adults. However, most of the research they want to do is to use unborn babies to do the research. That's where I don't agree. I believe that life starts at conception. If they came out with research that was going to use adult stem cells or even stem cells that they can get from the chord after birth (which is RICH in stem cells), I'm all for it.

They're just going about it the wrong way is all.

TechnoBabe said...

This is a really good post and I applaud your guts to write what you truly believe and say so. I also like that you say if someone doesn't like the subject or disagree strongly to write a comment and state their views. I can see that by furthering the research on stem cell research, it would be a way to advance medical assistance for certain disorders.

Kristin said...

I don't know enough about it to really make an informed opinion, but I'm certainly not against it.

Lucy said...

I have no problem with Adult stem cell research, I do have issues with embryonic research and cloning. We have always lived on the fine line of science versus religion and slippery slopes, those lines are hard to draw and where to draw them is always questionable.

Lee said...

I'm not against it, and I think they should use it.

You're not hurting anyone.

Except cloning. I don't agree there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you said on using adult stem cells. I'm for it, I think it will really help out in the future.