March 13, 2010


Weathervanes are an instrument used for showing the direction of the wind. They’re generally used as an architectural ornament on the highest point of a building, or put in yards or gardens as decoration.

Garden weathervanes are a fun way to add a touch of that extra something special to your garden. There are many different types of weathervanes; some are more popular than others though.

Rooster weathervanes are one of the original weathervanes which may date back to Peter the Apostle. Rooster weathervanes even appeared in the Bayeux Tapestry soon after France conquered England in 1066.

We have a rooster weathervane where we live which was a present my Mom received from her Mom. It is a tradition for our family to have one at our homes, rooster or not. I like it because when it is raining and windy it moves around and is quite sturdy so it doesn’t fall down easily.

One of the coolest I’ve seen is the good directions weathervane‘s Stained Glass Moon Copper Weathervane. It is the picture included with this post, it isn’t a rooster but it is unique and not like any I’ve seen before which is why I like it so much. Good directions weathervanes also have very cool butterfly, hummingbird, angel and witch ones I really like too.

When I have my own house, I will probably get one from Mom (gotta keep tradition up ya know?). I just hope it is as cool as the ones mentioned above because I don’t really like chicken or rooster themes myself.

Do you have a weathervane at your home (on your house or in your yard)? Did you have one where you grew up at? What type of weathervanes do you like most? Would you buy one for your home? Where would you put it?

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Wendyburd1 said...

That is the coolest weathervane I have ever seen! It is so they have to go on your roof? I have no idea the rules of the weathervane.

Sheri said...

Nope, they don't have to go on the roof! Ours is in our yard and I'd put this one (if I had it) somewhere special I could see it more often. Love the stained glass on it!

Manju said...

this one is so so cool! i remember we made some in crafts class in primary school, looked nothing like this haha.

tori said...

thanks for stopping by today. I love weathervanes, I saw a cool one down in Florida on vacay a few months ago (I have a pic of it somewhere...)
I just wanted to tell you I had to wait to get into nursing school too. It took a year and I was able to get a lot of the other college credits out of the way during that time which helped me to focus more on my nursing classes at the time. I hope you get in somewhere soon. I hear it's tougher now a days. :)

Gracie said...

That is such a cool weathervane. I've never really thought about them much before. But my favourite would be a butterfly one. :)

learnxtoxfly said...

Like the weathervane pictured! I do not have one nor have I ever had one. =(

And I think its time to give the rooster a boot. or make him so 2010, lol.. =p