March 11, 2010

Patio Paradise

I love hanging out on the porch or patio when the weather is nice. Even if it is slightly rainy, I enjoy sitting out there reading a good book. It is calming and since we live in an amazing spot on the river, it is quite pretty scenery too.

Since Spring is almost here, I thought about maybe buying a few new pieces for the patio this year. The furniture we have out there is okay, but some of it really needs to be replaced. However, finding affordable, weather resistant furniture isn’t always very easy around here.

Patio dining sets are a must for any patio space that is used to entertain. Ours is still in really good condition and we have other furniture to go with it, so this isn’t something I’m looking to replace quite yet. However, some of the new sets out there are so nice!

Unfortunately we don’t have the space to bring in furniture, so we have to stick with the wrought iron or aluminum types, but those too can be quite nice as well. One of my favorites is the woodard furniture – so elegant and timeless!

I absolutely love outdoor chaise lounges. They are the perfect excuse to drink some wine or a margarita, lay out in the sun and fall asleep reading a fashion magazine or getting engrossed in a really good book. Of course these are just as great while chatting on the phone, watching TV or listening to music while on the patio too.

What are your favorite pieces of patio furniture? Do you like wood, plastic, wicker, wrought iron or aluminum types more? What do you like to do on the patio the most? Do you have any fun stories about parties or just good times in general on the patio? I’d love to hear them!

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jay chua said...

Hi Sheri,

Thanks for sharing your writing on Patio Paradise.

I owned a small yard in Vancouver, Canada. And I love wooden furniture..I love chilling at my benches & swings when I have time to do so:)

I would also recommend to get a mini water fountain build in the patio, backyard area. It won't took up too much space. The plus thing is it will attract butterfly & birds..make your evening more enjoyable.

Jay Chua

Anonymous said...

I love sitting on patios! Okay, well I love sitting anywhere outside.

I too love chaisse lounges and swings. It's amazing. =)

Anonymous said...

Our current patio furniture is teak. I like wood but now wish we had an iron set with the big cushions. Our patio is small and an expansion is in the future. Maybe I can talk the hubby into a new set then. We mainly grill and eat out on our patio.