March 25, 2010


No, I’m not talking about Rihanna’s song - which I actually always found to be quite annoying. The ella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh part just makes me cringe like nails on a chalkboard.

I’m talking about a large umbrella for the patio, pool, beach, etc. These are perfect for pale people like me that get sunburns easy, yet they want to enjoy a nice cool breeze and sit outside. Even with umbrellas though, I still need to wear sunscreen. Last year I got a pretty bad sunburn sitting underneath one (even with sunscreen on) – I was outside for quite awhile though and it was a low SPF. I only wear sunscreen higher than 30 SPF now.

The market umbrella style is one of my favorites (seen in picture with this post). This is the type we have on our patio that actually came with a bar set we bought to go with our gorgeous pool area when we lived in Florida. It works just fine on our patio here too though overlooking the river. I really do wish we still had a pool though. Ah, maybe one day.

I also require a big umbrella when venturing to the beach. I didn’t use to bring one back when I was a teenager, I guess I was stupid and didn’t care if I burned or not. Who really thinks about getting skin cancer one day when they’re a kid? I sure didn’t. I’ve had way too many bad sunburns to not think about it now though, so I never (and I mean NEVER) stay outside for any extended period of time without a really good sunscreen on.

While not a patio umbrella, I also love to get really cute umbrellas for when it is raining. My favorite is a red plaid Burberry one which was actually free as a gift when I purchased my Burberry Brit perfume. I also have a very cute Cynthia Rowley one (also free as a gift) from a perfume combo pack when I sold Avon. I have a few others that I actually purchased, but they’re not my favorites.

Do you have a patio umbrella? How about a favorite rain umbrella?

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Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I have a large clear umbrella- it's big but keeps me dry!

Anonymous said...

I do not have either sadly. I don't have a porch in my backyard or really a nice area to set up for one. =(

But I love going over other peoples houses and sitting under theirs!

Shareen Mohd Saleh said...

Oh dear. One can never be without an umbrella here in Malaysia. It will either be too hot or too rainy at any time of the year. If you ever come down here, sweetie, I think you're going to need more that SPF 30 LOL

Anonymous said...

Our patio umbrella just recently broke during a wind storm. We are in the market to buy a new one and found one at Pottery Barn that we like. As far as rain umbrellas we have ones made with our car logos on them that stay in our cars. I like compact umbrellas when I am out and about. I have a large UNC golf umbrella for walking out to the mailbox.

I wish I had worn more sunscreen when I was a kid. I actually burn very badly and have scars from sun poisoning when I was 16 or 17. I use SPF 50 now.