December 5, 2008

Crappy Internet Connection

When I lived in Florida I had cable internet. It was great. I was even able to stay connected during tropical storms! Oh how I miss that faithful connection to the internet…

You see, once I moved to the middle of nowhere in Alabama I was slapped with a slower than slow DSL connection. According to speed tests online it isn’t even as fast as DSL is supposed to be. Oh, and it costs more than the cable connection I had in Florida! $50 per month for a crappy DSL line does NOT make me happy.

Lately it has been even worse. Our internet connection would be connected then lose connection for no apparent reason. I’d unplug the modem and re-plug it back in and it’d work again most of the time. After dealing with the internet “support” people they claim it is the router’s problem. At first I thought it was the router too, and really it could have been part of the problem. I have had it for 7 or so years. So, I got a new one. It only slightly fixed the problem.

First of all, it took hours just to get the router and modem and everything working properly. Funny thing was that after being on support calls with my internet support and with Linksys for HOURS, I was able to connect without them. After that fiasco it worked a little better than before.

After I got back from vacation I really noticed it again. The S-L-O-W browsing, the constant connection lost, resetting the modem, etc is just driving me crazy! The internet company came over and brought us a new modem a few days ago. Well, guess what? The problem is still there! I’m pissed and really have no other internet option choice out here (can we say monopoly).

What the hell should I do? Complain some more just to have the same problems? Try satellite internet? Do any of you have internet issues too?


BIBI said...

Me? Internet DSL problems? NOOOOO! I live in the middle of the forest with Bambi as my neighbor, and the nearest store is ten (give or take) miles away. I got the trusty slow and ever frustrating dial-up.

Oh but when I pound it and threaten to cut off its life support its begins acting right.

Maybe you should give that a try.

P.S. You have the most amazing pics. So you must be doing something right. I'm not computer savvy as of yet. Maybe one day I'll learn. :0)

Sheri said...

Bambi is my neighbor too. Too bad her dad commited suicide on my car last winter... I'll post about that one day perhaps. It was a very bad day for me though - I still hate driving!