December 21, 2008

The Bachelor – Jason Mesnick

I previously posted on this Blog about last season’s The Bachelorette. I was very displeased with DeAnna Papas picking Jesse. I thought Jason would have made a much better match with her. Seems I was right about some of it at least… DeAnna and Jesse did breakup. No happy ending for this bachelorette – yet.

The new bachelor is Jason Mesnick. DeAnna’s almost choice. Jason was sweet, romantic, sexy and a great dad. I really hope that him being “the bachelor” doesn’t get to his head and make him become something different. I don’t think it will, but you never know how being on the opposite sides of things can change people.

The new season of The Bachelor begins January 5, 2009 with a 2-hour premier. According to Jason Mesnick, things are great this time around for him. “I’m engaged!” he told People. “I found exactly what I was hoping for, what I was looking for. I’m completely in love.”

Hopefully this fairy tale ending ends well for real this time for Jason Mesnick.


BIBI said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes those quirky reality shows. I'll try to watch it this season. If not I'll watch your blog for the updates since you are so good at keeping everyone abreast of everything going on.
By the way Sheri, you may want to visit my blog. I have a gift for you. :)

shawn said...

OK, but isn't this one the one where his kid is going to be on the show as well?? I really don't watch the Bachelor.. no time.. I did watch it once.. some football player dude.. they didn't last either.. oh well.. I know that it sometimes makes good tv time.. but like I said.. NO TIME!! sad, but true...

Sheri said...

Yes, this is the one where he has a son (his name is Ty). Cute lil kid. I really hope it does work out in the end for his sake.