December 4, 2008

This Never Happens…

How many times have you gone into a dressing room with 5+ items to try on and ended up liking them all and buying them? I don’t think it has ever happened to me (and if it has, I don’t remember).

Well, yesterday while my Mom and I were out looking for a Christmas tree (which we didn’t find) we stopped in a Cato’s store. We weren’t even planning on going there, but it was by the Subway we had lunch at – so why not just look, right?

I’m a bargain shopper 99% of the time. So, naturally I went straight towards the Clearance racks. I quickly found about 5 shirts that were $2.99 – $6.99 each. Not too bad huh? I figured I’d like at least 2 of them, maybe. Then I saw a really cute pair of pajama bottoms with boots, a dog, makeup, etc. on them (not on sale, but only $9.99). I wasn’t sure about these either because well, I had to get a size smaller than I am because my size wasn’t in stock. I figured I’d try them on anyways just to see.

Once inside the dressing room I was shocked. Everything I tried on fit and looked good on me. Even the usually too small pants! I guess my diet I am on is working! Since Cato’s is low in price to begin with, the items on clearance were quite cheap and therefore was able to get them all. Lucky me!

Has this ever happened to you? Do you also never expect everything to fit right? Are you a bargain shopper too? Let me know!


Lamont said...

I'm always heading to the back of the store to the clearance racks first - bargin shopping is my only shopping 99% of the time as well.

Congrats on the smaller clothing success!

BIBI said...

Sounds like you got a deal. Good for you.
Unfortunate for me diets don't work, all of my money goes toward my kids, and I'm too rushed in the stores surrounded by more than half a dozen kids to "try" anything on.
Whew! maybe in my next life I'll be a skinny model with no kids. Yeah right!!!

Brenda Susan said...

Yay! That has happened to me just this last summer at a Khols on a clearance rack, so fun!