December 31, 2008

New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year’s Eve! Can you believe this is the last day of 2008? It seems like it went by so quickly, but really once past elementary, junior high and high school it all goes by quickly. Well, at least to me it does.

Instead of looking back on this past year, I am going to write about next year. Yes, I know it doesn’t start until tomorrow. However, I have always been a ‘list person.’ I don’t usually make very concrete New Year’s Resolutions though.

Have you ever heard of a Vision Board? I made one last year, but I didn’t really practice the art of the Law of Attraction with it. This year my plan is to make a great vision board that I will put in my room next to my computer. That way I will be able to see it often and really focus on drawing those things to me.

Here are some things I will include on it:

• Spark People – I want to use this more and really stay on track with my diet and exercise.

• Art – I enjoy painting, drawing and other various forms of art. I want to do more of this than I have been doing (which is almost none).

• Writing – I enjoy writing. I have enjoyed it since I was in jr. high school. However, after I graduated from high school I just stopped. College took over and I haven’t had much desire to do much creative writing. I want this to change.

• Blogging – I want to Blog as much as I can about whatever I can.

• Paranormal Investigator – I love being a paranormal investigator. I hope to go on more cases and learn as much as I can about this field.

• New Job – I really need a new job. I also really hope it is something I love to do.

• Read More – I love to read. I love books. As I’ve posted before I’m a little bit neurotic about my books even. I’d like to read at least a few books per month.

• Messy House – I need to get back working on cleaning up this messy house! My mom and I signed the “Clean up your messy house pledge” from – now we need to get back on track!

• Embrace Me – I want to really love being me. Sounds cheesy, but I want to be able to not apologize for being a dork, smart, blonde, have slight OCD, my neurotic tendencies, whatever. I want to just be me with no apologizes. Might be hard to find a picture to put on the vision board for this. I guess a picture of me will do?

My plan for tomorrow is to gather up all of the stuff for the vision board and make one for 2009! What a better time to make one than on the 1st day of the year! Also, by making it I also get in my 1st art project of the year. When I get this finished, I will more than likely post a picture of it!

I hope everyone has a safe night tonight and has tons of fun! Let me know what you did and if you are making some new year’s resolutions or even a vision board for yourself!


Jillene said...

I love the vision board idea!! I can't wait to see what it looks like!!

Have a Happy New Year!!

BIBI said...

Happy New Year's to you as well. WOW that was fast!

Come on 2009! and hopefully better things to come with it as well!

Nickie. said...

The vision board sounds like an awesome idea!

Happy New Year!!!!

Anonymous said...

The vision board sounds like a great idea! I doubt that I will make any resolutions as I typically can't stick to them.

Happy New Year!

Lee said...

Love the vision board!
Happy happy New Year!

Brenda Susan said...

Wow, a vision board sounds like a great idea! Something positive & affirming right in front of your eyes everyday, gotta be a good thing!