December 10, 2008

Weird Weather

At 4:30 AM this morning I woke up to the sound of heavy rain and the voice from the siren before the tornado alarm goes off. Not fun at all. I really hate the sound that the tornado warning alarm makes. Plus, it is December! We aren’t supposed to get tornadoes in Alabama in December! What is going on here? Am I dreaming??? Unfortunately, no. We were under the tornado warning until 5:30 AM. Luckily nothing happened here except rain. Others in our county weren’t so lucky because tornadoes did touchdown, but I don’t think anyone was seriously injured or killed.

I hate tornadoes (not that anyone except tornado chasers and weathermen loves them). I’ve been in many hurricanes and tropical storms, even nearby tornadoes from those hurricanes. At least with hurricanes you have time to prepare – as in days. Not like tornadoes though. If we’re sleeping and a tornado comes and we happen to hear the siren (we don’t live near it), we would have to run outside kind of far in the dark on an uneven path down the hill to our storm shelter. We’ve never done this. We just go downstairs and watch the weather guy on the news. ::knocks on some wood:: I wish we had a basement because that storm shelter isn’t going to be used.

After it was light outside and it had stopped raining (well not completely stopped but slowed down) another weird thing happened. We’ve had this misty fog now all day. If you ever saw that movie The Mist, it was a lot like the thick fog that rolled in just before the dinosaurs and other creatures from another dimension attacked everyone.

That brings me to more rain. It has been raining in some form all day. Mostly just a drizzly, rainy, grey, not so regular day.

Tonight and tomorrow might bring even more weird weather: snow. I recently blogged about it not snowing here, so I really hope it does! I won’t believe it until I see it though. Call me skeptical but I have yet to see snow stick here since I’ve lived here. Mother Nature has had a rather funny sense of humor here lately, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we have a blizzard here tomorrow.

I’ll keep you all posted if I still have internet connection. Hope you are all having a great day and staying warm!


Anonymous said...

Weird! Good luck on the snow for tomorrow!!!

Brenda Susan said...

Wow, that is weird! I live in California & others always say that it would be scary to live here due to earthquakes but tornados/hurricanes sound much worse & even have typical SEASONS for them! We don't have earthquake seasons! Good luck, hope it calms down for you.

Nickie. said...

Sounds like up here in New England! Yesterday, it was 60 degrees and then by midnite last nite we had an Ice Storm Warning! Thankfully though, it doesn't seem like there is going to be one.

Hope you get snow that sticks though! I'll bring you some, I hate it!

BIBI said...

WOW! I'm glad that you are okay. I was just watching the Today show and they were reporting that MIssissippi got hit as well. But I know you're in Alabama, so maybe I heard the wrong state name. And then I thought of you. But I'm glad to know that you are okay. I hope you get your snow.

However, mother nature in VA is doing something strange. I think she has PMS or menopause because she having some hot flashes. Yesterday was 70 degrees, and today we are near 65. My daughter says that it'll snow soon because it is so warm.
I beg to differ, I think it's a hot flash.