December 13, 2008

Gourmet Poop

The Lakeside Collection is another one of those random catalogs we get sent in the mail. Here is one of the pages I am sending to the Jay Leno show for his Headlines spot. For now though, it will just be featured here (and of course for sale on their website). Enjoy!

Here is the Gourmet Poop info from their website:

Your friends and family will thank you, and laugh, when you give them these deliciously funny Sets of 2 Bags of Gourmet Poops!
* Fun chocolate gifts come in novel shapes and hilarious packages.
* Set of 2 Everyday Poops includes:
* 1 Bag of Moose Poops (chocolate peanuts clusters)
* 1 Bag of Bear Doo Doo (chocolate patties)
* Set of 2 Holiday Poops includes:
* 1 Bag of Reindeer Doo (chocolate peanut clusters)
* 1 Bag of Snowman Droppings (white chocolate patties)
* Each bag contains 5 yummy ounces of poop.


Ashlee K. said...

Very funny!

Sara said...

Moose Poops sound delicious

BIBI said...

OMG! I will buy this just to freak out my children. LOL!!