December 27, 2008


Today was really quite uneventful. I had plans to go to a paranormal investigation tonight, but due to reasons I won’t get into, I didn’t end up going. So, basically my plans were shot to hell.

Instead, I spent the rest of the day helping my parents make a wood pile container and fill it up with wood. We had much warmer weather here than usual at this time of year (in the 70s). Tonight and tomorrow morning it is supposed to rain and then be colder again. Lovely. You know what that means? More tornadoes! I really hate tornadoes…

I felt really unmotivated to write toady. I have close to zero energy and I just kept putting off writing my Blog. Tsk tsk. I know. Hopefully I will be more in the mood to write tomorrow and write a proper post.


Lee said...

Paranormal investigation?
What in the world?

Anonymous said...

Sorry your day was uneventful.

I sure hope you guys don't get any tornadoes!

Hope this coming up week will be better for you.

Sheri said...

Lee, yes I'm a paranormal investigator. :) Have you ever seen that show "Ghost Hunters" on SciFi? If so, then you have an idea of what I do. The group I am in just isn't on TV. It is fun, and I really enjoy it.