December 14, 2008

Survivor Gabon: Pre-Season Finale

I’ve been a big fan of Survivor ever since the first season. I haven’t seen all of the seasons (in college I was busy and missed a few). I’ve seen most though. This season has been one of my favorites. It had me cracking up with all of the “fake idols” the castaways have been trying to pawn on one another as real immunity idols. How does Jeff not laugh at them when he first sees the idol before it is fully handed to him? Poker face! Too funny.

Here are my thoughts on the last five lucky survivors…

Sugar – I really like her and hope she wins. She is funny, quirky and likable. Much smarter than she looks too.
Bob – Smart and strong. He looks older than he is, but he is still the oldest one left! He is also last from that alliance he was in. Good odds on him getting in to final 3 as well.
Kenny – Smart but looks like a walking skeleton. He was way too skinny before, but now it is just really gross. Eat boy! Plus, you are so not the “brains” of your alliance. For someone so smart you should know what NOT to say.
Matty – Great guy. Likeable, strong, pretty smart too. He even proposed to his girlfriend when they got the personal visit from a loved one. I hope it works out!
Susie – She has been the ultimate floater. I hate these types of players, so I really hope she does not win.

My top pick of the final three would be: Sugar, Bob and Matty.

If it will end up being them as top 3, I do not know…. I’ll know even later than scheduled because this football game before 60 Minutes is still on. ::sigh::

I will be back to post after the season finale is over, if my internet is still up. If not I will post first thing in the morning. Are any of you Survivor fans too? Are you watching the show tonight? Let me know! I’d love to share in thoughts and commentary on this season.

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