December 1, 2008

The Tales of Beedle the Bard

As I have previously stated, I LOVE the Harry Potter series. I’ve actually had The Tales of Beedle the Bard on pre-order from for over a month. Not the $100 Collector's Edition (I wish!), just the regular hardcover one for $7.14. Sure, I’d love the Collector’s Edition more than anyone I know – but is it practical to buy? No, sadly not for me. ::sniff sniff::

J.K Rowling is a terrific writer. I have no doubt that this will be a terrific addition towards the Harry Potter series. It is after all, the item that Hermoine Granger receives from Dumbledore after he dies.

Included in this book are five fairy tales written and illustrated by Rowling. It is not an additional book for the series. It is more like an enhancement. If there ever comes the day when another book is released from Rowling about Harry Potter, I will of course buy that then too. HPAA (Harry Potter Addicts Anonymous) member here.

I checked today to see when I should be getting this book shipped to me, and it says I have to wait until about December 8. I suppose I can wait another week to read this book, I will be busy this week as it is.

Does anybody else plan on buying this book? Any thoughts on Harry Potter or J.K Rowling?


Jen said...

I <3 Harry Potter! It is a great book series for any age. I'm giving a bookset to each of my nephews for Christmas (shhh don't let them know!). I think I will also get them this book. Too bad I don't have the extra cash to get the $100 collector's edition either.

Tori said...

I definitely want to read it, but I doubt I'm going to have to buy it because my sister is an HP fan and I'm sure its already on her christmas list. Meaning I can borrow it, of course. :-D

I'm a noncommital member of NaBloPoMo actually...I want to do it, but I don't think it'll happen EVERY day in December simply because SO much will be happening for me (Besides Christmas and New Years, my birthday and my boyfriend's birthday is this month!)

Keep writing!

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Hey there Sheri!

In my "all about me" post today, I declared being a proud 'Pothead'.

I preordered this book around July 31st, the 1st day preorders went LIVE, and later on Amazon did something where release day delivery is available. They sent me an email some time back. I don't know if you can make a delivery change now, but look into it if your impatient like I am (but the 8th isn't too far off either).

I ordered the Collector's Edition, the standard hardcover (so I don't bend the $100 edition pages too much) and the UK's standard edition which has a very nice cover with a blue design to it.

I almost forgot about it. It's only days away!!! I sure hope J.K. still puts out her own encyclopedia now that the lawsuit with the Lexicon guy is over. I would have purchased his and hers anyway but I guess it's not going to happen. She's working on a non-Harry book was the last thing I heard. After that, I hope she works on the encyclopedia!

Teri said...

Hey, I read all the Potter books. Tell me if this one is good when you're done!