December 22, 2008

Honest Scrap Award

Yay! I’ve been tagged for the first time with the Honest Scrap Award thanks to BIBI. I feel honored and special and loved. Thanks so much BIBI!

So, what does this award mean? It means – “leftovers, fragments, discarded material, and many times truth and honesty is discarded material, considered fragments and left over.” We tell it like it is and let the scraps fall where they may.

The honorees are to: a) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Ten honest things about myself? Oh boy I feel like I’m in a therapy session. Shoot, at least it is free. Well, here it goes… 10 honest things about myself.

1. I’m a self-proclaimed dork. I like to read and play video games.

2. I love Harry Potter and Twilight. I have every DVD (special wide-screen edition) that is out of Harry Potter. I also have the complete hard cover boxed set of the books. I also have a Gryffendor hair scarf, Harry Potter Lumos Lightwedge (booklight) and fabric wall scroll of Hogwarts. I just saw Twilight and loved it. I will read the books ASAP and I am quite positive I will love them even more than the movie! I think my statement of all of this also falls into #1.

3. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays. Quite a contrast huh?

4. We are having a BIG Halloween party here next year. Costume party, lots of decorations, drinks, food – everything. I plan on going as a Gryffendor teacher from Hogwarts (Harry Potter). There is a sexy Hogwarts teacher costume up at which I *might* end up getting for my costume.

5. I am a paranormal investigator (aka. “Ghost Hunter”). If you have ever seen an episode of Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi, we do what they do pretty much. We just don’t have a film crew following us around and aren’t on a reality TV show.

6. I really hate dieting. However, I am a Spark People member. I lost 15 or so lbs since August with it, but gained a couple back from this holiday season. I plan on getting back on track after January 1st.

7. I sell AVON and MARK. I love their makeup, fragrances, lotions, and other random things I end up buying from them too.

8. I used to write poems and short stories all the time in high school. I was actually the editor of my high school’s literary/art magazine. I was also a writer for the teen section for The Florida Today Newspaper.

9. I like to do art projects. Anything from painting, drawing, decorating/designing, etc.

10. I’ve been watching General Hospital since I was born pretty much. My mom always watched that soap opera (and a few others), and it was the one that I liked too. It also came on after school got out when I was older so I was still able to keep up on it. Now I TiVo it and watch the parts I like while I fast forward through the boring parts.

So there you have my 10 honest things. Hope you enjoyed my honesty. Now it is my turn to pass this award on and tag 7 people. If you are reading this post, consider yourself tagged as well.


Nickie. said...

thanks for the award and tagging me!!! =) hows the console shopping going?!

Sheri said...

Well, I don't have one yet. Hopefully I will get some more money for Christmas to add to that fund. :P

BIBI said...

It's always good to read what you post and I loved learning 10 more things about you.

Your welcome Sheri and what a wonderful post!

Lee said...

I just did this award on my blog, thanks for tagging me!
I also subscribed to you because I realized that I hadn't. Felt like a dufus.

I'm glad I'm not the only chick that loves video games. I'm practically obsessed. I spend my offtime during lunch at college at gamestop. They offered me a job I spend so much time there.

Sheri said...

I love GameStop too! I usually buy my video games from either or though. I generally go into GameStop to browse around. :)

Lee said...

I'm probably going to go there to trade in the games that come with the xbox if I get one.
Of course we both know if I don't I'll be mad.
I'm not spoiled, really. But wouldn't it be mean for her to keep saying "Think you're getting an xbox, huh?" and things like that, and then let me down? Bah.

And with the skin stuff, because of my acne I actually do a routine like that. My biggest problem is that the treatment I use on my skin flakes it. No amount of scrubbing fixes it. Ugh.

Brenda Susan said...

Hey Sheri, I wanted to tell you "Thanks" for the SCRAP AWARD, & I will be posting about it after the new year or after Christmas anyway.
Have a wonderful holiday!!