December 15, 2008

Guild Wars: Wintersday 2008

I’ve played Guild Wars off and on since 2005 (a month or so after it was released). I have grown quite bored with it again lately and have been trying out new games. However, I always come back for the holiday events. Why? Well, because I love holiday events in games. Call me a dork, whatever. I love them!

Guild Wars Halloween event was not so cool this year. Their special headgear really disappointed me and I didn’t even want to participate in Mad King Thorn’s visits. It was sad. I really hope their Wintersday event doesn’t disappoint too. It does offer much more than the Halloween event, so it should be okay, I hope.

The event starts Friday, December 19th, 2008 at Noon (PDT). I’ll post more during the event, or after it is over as a recap. Until then, you can go to their official Wintersday 2008 page to see more pictures and read more about the new additions this year! I’m personally excited about new quests and something new from Gwen’s Garden!

Do any of you play Guild Wars or other online MMOs? Do you also enjoy their holiday events? Let me know!


j.stapes. said...

now i'm not much into videogames... unless bubble bobble for NES counts, lol. but thanks for the comment... and as for that tattoo, it really doesn't hurt that bad. i'm on to #3 and i'm already ready for #4! just make sure you are confident is what you are getting and where you put it...

Teri said...

I totally played GW for a year and a half. I still have it technically, but I've started playing WoW. GW got really boring for me too. Too much running around and not getting much done. I never even got a full set of armor I just couldn't seem to make cash.

Paula said...

I'm outing myself ... I play World of Warcraft and I love the holiday events in that game. Strangely, "brewfest" (Octoberfest) and Halloween seem to have the best loot; and its the easiest to get. So I'm lazy.

Anyway, I found your blog through Nablopomo :) Congrats on your stellar December work!!