December 14, 2008

Survivor Gabon: Season Finale

I will actually be writing this Blog entry as the Survivor: Gabon season finale is on. That way I can comment on stuff as I see it and it might make for a funnier entry and perhaps longer than it would be otherwise. Either way, I hope you enjoy it!

The beginning of the show was a recap of everything that has happened so far this season. My favorite moment was when Randy used the fake immunity idol. I was hysterically laughing with Sugar on that one!

Can someone please explain to me how Crystal, a Gold Medal winning Olympian was so terrible in this game. She lied and told everyone she was a “Pre-School Teacher.” If you look at her you’d know something was a bit off on that. Lying about being an Olympian would be beneficial in this game, but make a more believable lie. However, she was an awful athlete in the game. I don’t know if she was trying to do bad on purpose, or is just that untalented at every single challenge - except the one where she dragged people. I’m glad Sugar and Matty blindsided her and voted her out.

Speaking of challenges, the maze challenge tonight looked pretty hard. I wonder how many times they have to go over the rules for the survivors. Susie looked confused once she dug herself out of the first part. Bob won immunity, not a big surprise there. Sugar was really close though! I’d also like to see how long these challenges last for. Sometimes it seems like it would most likely take them many hours to do.

Next to go was Kenny. Woot! He was such a complainer and thought he was the “mastermind” behind everything. Boy was he blindsided! I’m glad to see him go too. Go join Crystal at the Ponderosa, maybe the other players will give you both silent treatment now.

The ceremonial burning of the torches of past survivors of the season is tradition. The survivors were able to think back about all of the ones they sent away and voted out. It also gives the viewers a chance to remember briefly some of the survivors they didn’t get to see much of. It was nice that they got to burn them with natives singing and chanting around a fire. Nice cultural experience for them all.

The final four then had their final immunity challenge. The stakes are the highest they have ever been or could be. Whoever wins has a 1/3 shot at getting votes for the $1,000,000 prize. Yes, 3 people get final spot now, not 2 like it used to be like in seasons past (well, in the beginning). This challenge was another puzzle type one where they had to build up card-like pyramids or something. Sugar was doing really well two times, but it collapsed. Bob I thought would have done much better than he did. Matty was slow but steady. The goal was to make it be 10 feet tall (I think) or have it be the highest after 30 minutes. The winner was Susie! I couldn’t believe it myself. She finally won something when she really needed it. She did well in the challenge, and won her spot in the final 3. Lucky, lucky woman. Her lack of gameplay though throughout the game I don’t see her winning in the end. I could be wrong though.

Sugar was left with a really tough decision on who to vote out. She said she feels like Bob is a father figure and Matty as a brother figure. Tough situation there! She picked Matty though, so it was a tie! Fire making challenge time. ::drum roll:: Bob was shown before the nomination ceremony making fire (in case this happened). So, it was no surprise that he beat Matty. I think Sugar would have had a better chance against Matty and Susie. Bob has more allies on the jury that he never really betrayed (except Randy). Was it a good choice for her to let them battle each other out in their fire making skills?

Bob, Sugar and Susie got to eat some good food for their last day there breakfast. It is nice to see they still get some good food for this meal. I can’t imagine not eating anything but rice and fish (I hate fish) and other random things you find (ewww) for that long. I don’t know how they do it.

They then burned down their camp huts they had there. I always find this interesting as something they always seem to do now. Those fires can get rather big – and they are right by the woods and everything there. Isn’t this able to start a big wildfire? CBS – please don’t let that happen.

Ah, and then there was the final voting ceremony where this time they vote for someone to win the $1,000,000. Susie gave a pretty bad speech to get votes. “Mrs. Confident” should have thought a bit harder about her choice of words, not like it would have mattered though. Bob gave a rather good speech, and he already had many votes (and he knew that). Sugar was honest in her speech, gave good reasons that she is a strong player even if she isn’t as physically strong. However, her friends she did have Sugar betrayed. Not a good move. Corrine really berated her though – wow what a bitch!

The reading of the votes where they are all back in real life (and months later) at a CBS studio was dramatic – as usual. Seeing everyone in real clothes, makeup, hair done, a little weight gained back was great, even though some weren’t that noticeable to their survivor-self. Bob won by just one vote! I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was going to be the winner by a landslide. Susie actually somehow got 3 votes, and Sugar didn’t get any. Congratulations Bob! You beat the odds, won 5 immunity challenges, and won the game! Great job and game play.

I wonder what he will do with the $1,000,000. What would you do if you won $1,000,000?

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